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After completing my Bachelor of Arts (Hons) degree under the supervision of Dr. Valerie Thompson at the University of Saskatchewan, I moved to the University of Waterloo to work with Dr. Jonathan Fugelsang and Dr. Derek Koehler. I received a Master of Arts degree in 2011 and am currently working on my PhD.

I grew up in Carrot River, Saskatchewan. A town of ~1,000 that produced this excellent youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BETUBoVD_ek

Research interests

My research is generally focused on dual-process theories of reasoning and decision-making. I investigate the distinction between intuitive processes (“gut feelings”) and more deliberative (“analytic”) reasoning processes. I am principally interested in the causes (a) and consequences (b) of analytic thinking.

(a) With respect to the question of “what makes us think” (i.e., what is it about our cognitive architecture that allows for higher level cognition), see: Pennycook, G., Fugelsang, J.A., & Koehler, D.J. (2015). What makes us think? A three-stage dual-process model of analytic engagement. Cognitive Psychology, 80, 34-72. link pdf

(b) In terms of the consequences of analytic thinking, see: Pennycook, G., Fugelsang, J.A., & Koehler, D.J. (2015). Everyday consequences of analytic thinking. Current Directions in Psychological Science, 24, 425-43. link pdf

These general questions (along with other unrelated ventures) allow me to investigate a wide variety of topics. I have published empirical work on religious belief [Cognition, PB&R, M&C], sleep paralysis [Clinical Psych Sci], moral judgments and values [TAR], creativity [TAR], Smartphone use [Computers in Hum Behav], health beliefs [PLoS ONE], science communication [Climatic Change], and bullshit receptivity [JDM]. I am also interested in methodological issues, particularly as it pertains to replication [Cognition, JEP:G] and (separately) the Cognitive Reflection Test [BRM, Frontiers]. See “published work” for a full list of publications.